Last week I was priviledged to take my Mathletes I have been coaching all year to the City Charter Math Meet. My scholars have tried really hard to be successful in a 7th grade math league (they are 6th graders) in which they are competing with affluent students across the state of Delaware who are a grade ahead of them. Today it was their chance to prove that all of our work was not wasted.
The meet was very intense, with a set of two students from each grade of each school coming together to answer a question. With all eyes of the audience and their teammates on them, students began to panick once it was their turn to answer a question. The host’s enthusiasm added to the excitement (and anxiety) of the students. And as a ¬†coach and the adult representation of our team, I had to fight extra hard…

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It has been awhile since I updated this blog. With a particularly bad day today, I felt it was necessary to remind myself of some of the progresses I have made these past few months so I can come back tomorrow with all my might… – The comeback CLASS Nothing good seemed to be said…

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Nov 17 2010

“Mr. Lawrayrow…”

At a parent-teacher conference earlier this week: Gathered around a conference-style table, all 6th grade teachers met with the parents of the students as they pick up the report cards of the child for the previous marking period. Conferences were being held in 10-minute intervals. After about 3 conferences that day, the ELA teacher stands…

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Nov 10 2010


So I haven’t updated in awhile since things have gotten really busy. Right now, however, I have a lot to say about expectations. I am doing parent-teacher conferences this week, and I am getting a clearer picture of what expectations are to these students. I have been meeting parents from all over the state, and…

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Oct 12 2010

Turnaround kid

After grading Unit Tests for about 3 hours, I noticed pretty unremarkable things with my kids. One particular kid that certainly stood out to me is Jamarr W. Jamarr joined my class after being kicked out of his previous elementary school due to discipline issues. He is diagnosed with ADHD issues and currently has an…

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Sep 24 2010

Wharton coming handy…

It has been awhile I updated this blog. A lot has happened that has kept me from updating this. In a nutshell, my past week included a crazy B2SN in which a parent who was clearly intoxicated came to talk to me about his child, a few days that I have no idea how I…

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Sep 15 2010

College is not an option

I guess me being sick with the flu (which apparently has caught a bunch of staff members at my school) calls for updating my blog. Friday I think I made a little breakthrough with one of my most poorly behaved students, K’Haleel. K’Haleel is the same student who sought attention from his peers during my…

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Sep 10 2010

Sense of urgency…

So I have been teaching for 3 weeks now, and my lesson plans are getting better. I am still not having much of a life, but I am slowly getting more sleep. I now have learned to do lesson plans during the weekend, and just tweak it during the week. That means I am getting…

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Sep 03 2010

Small wins…

I remember one of the interview questions for the TFA interview that the recruiter asked me was, “What would I do to keep myself motivated throughout all of this?” I quickly answered, “I’d account for every single small win that I could get. That is the progress towards the big goal we have.” Wow, isn’t…

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Sep 02 2010


So I have been reflecting on how progressively I have been changing my attitude these past few weeks and began “adapting” to my environment… These have two connotations: One is that I am getting more comfortable with my role as a teacher. I can lesson plan in a much shorter timespan. I can lead class…

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