Sep 10 2010

Sense of urgency…

So I have been teaching for 3 weeks now, and my lesson plans are getting better. I am still not having much of a life, but I am slowly getting more sleep. I now have learned to do lesson plans during the weekend, and just tweak it during the week. That means I am getting an extra 20 minutes of sleep…. haha but in all seriousness, I have noticed that every second counts in my class, even though I see my kids everyday for 90 minutes.

So my last class is getting significantly behind the other ones. So behind to the point we are 1 full objective behind the other classes, to the point I have to shorten my lesson plans for them so they can catch up, even though this will hinder their success. Yesterday I was getting extremely fed up with their disruptions. It was clear that they were behind, and they needed to hear it. So I told them.

“Class, this will be the last time I will repeat myself with my directions. If you haven’t noticed, you have earned the most checks than both classes combined. We have lost significant class time with reintroduction of new material. We all have great aspirations to become college-bound scholars, who are developing to become successful leaders of the community. However, right now we are stopping ourselves from our goal. Because of our talking and current disruptions in this class, we are getting behind on learnign the standards necessary to be successful in our DCAS, which will keep you from placing ourselves in great high schools in the area. Because we won’t be able to go to these great high schools, we are handicapping ourselves from getting to the Harvards, Yales and Penns we all want to get into. So being College Bound starts now!”

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  1. Mara Repetto

    Very good! I think that a little feet on the ground for these kids will work a bunch. Good luck! You are in the right direction.

  2. Sean Gustafson

    Awesome job connecting what matters most to the here and now of every day with your students. You make a PD very proud!

    • rodbello985

      aww thanks sean. gotta learn from somebody, correct? thanks for being an awesome PD!

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