Sep 24 2010

Wharton coming handy…

It has been awhile I updated this blog. A lot has happened that has kept me from updating this. In a nutshell, my past week included a crazy B2SN in which a parent who was clearly intoxicated came to talk to me about his child, a few days that I have no idea how I got to school because I was so sick, and a few great classes in which I felt really good as a teacher! :)

This post will actually talk about something different though – the value of my business degree in a teaching environment. Although I used to feel like I wasted 4 years getting my butt kicked at the Wharton School, I was able to apply many different skills in my classroom. Ironically, this came about the same time I was able to hang my shiny new Penn/Wharton diploma in my classroom next to my desk!

Today, I could not have been happier with some of my students. A few of my students decided that they wanted to start a business selling posters for profit. I was impressed by their determination to make money and hustle me of every dime I have. I ended up buying some of their posters, but drilled the students on their business propositions. For 6th graders, they had a lot thought out: They were printing posters they made on their grandparents’ computer and selling for profits. All costs were non-existent so they were making pure profit for $4.00 each poster. Not bad for 12 year-olds to think of this, huh?

Now, where was the money going to? When would they make these posters? How would they distribute it? Who was going to design these posters? These were all things they didn’t think about, so it quickly became a teachable lesson. In the simplest terms possible, I explained what opportunity costs were, made sure they had a broad distribution system to sell to as many teachers as possible, and a unique sales propositions which explained that their money would go to promote healthy lifestyles (AKA a football for their classroom to be used during recess), and how they were learning math in the process of this business.

It looks like I will be teaching the Ken Chenaults and Russell Simmons of the future.

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  1. Mara Repetto

    For everything in the earth there is a proposition. It seems that is yours…

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